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Blinded By Profit: Lessons from Wells Fargo by

We all read the headlines and say to each other, “Can you believe what happened at Wells Fargo?” The thought bubble we don’t say but often feel is something like, “Those idiots.” We wonder,  how could people lose their way so … Continue reading

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More than a Pretty Face: Strong Company Culture by

“What matters is on the inside.” My young daughter said this aloud as I was fretting about what to wear for a recent public speaking event. Her off-the-cuff encouragement reminded me what my talk was about but also led me … Continue reading

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Be Nimble, Be Quick by

agility(uh.jil.i.tee) (as per the power of moving quickly and easily; nimbleness the ability to think and draw conclusions quickly In business, there are some superpowers that matter more than others. It seems to me that the quality of agility, … Continue reading

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A Healthy Team Shows – Boston Children’s Hospital by

Boston Children’s Hospital was literally buzzing with people yesterday. There were 5 greeters in red shirts there to meet us in the valet/handicapped area. At check-in the cheery nurse saw the unique attributes of both my nephews, being admitted for … Continue reading

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Owner’s Obligation: Integrity and Profit by

How fortunate we are to have several clients be outrageously successful over the course of their work with our firm? It feels really good when inspired leaders in great companies succeed in getting culture, strategy, engagement, product, and leadership right … Continue reading

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Vows and Metrics: Making Marriage and Business Work Together by

Without a doubt the oldest form of business in the world is the family business, and probably the oldest business partnership model is the one established between husband and wife. More recently, examples such as Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner … Continue reading

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You Had Me at Hello: 4 Ways Some Leaders Inspire Us by

  Have you ever worked for someone you would follow anywhere? Despite the numerous definitions of effective leadership, and store shelves packed with books claiming to unlock its secrets, it seems to me that there are a few, very simple … Continue reading

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To Become a Leader is to Become Yourself: Remembering Warren Bennis by

Warren Bennis, an icon in the field of successful organizational leadership, died last week at the age of 89. I find myself reflective and reminiscent of his passing in a personal way. We share the same alma mater, Antioch College, … Continue reading

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The Microsoft Layoff Letter: A 239 Word Alternative by

Last week, Microsoft executive and former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop sent an 1,111 word email to Microsoft employees explaining why the company was initiating the largest layoff in the company’s history. Elop’s email went viral with shocking speed as pundits, employees and … Continue reading

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It’s Not About the Rider by

Twice every summer in the ​Italian​ town of Siena, there is a horse race in the the town’s center called the Palio di Siena. ​​The Palio began in medieval times ​and is ​a ​horse race, with each ​horse​ representing the … Continue reading

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