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Women Execs Explore Their “Balancing Act” by

“I think even the term ‘balancing act’ should invite us to do things differently. If we have to act at work, how can we be authentic?” This provocative inquiry from a participant caught me off guard and raised a very … Continue reading

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Appearance at Work: Who Wears the Load? by

Can we please just talk about my hair for a minute? This month’s theme is Balancing the Juggle (Men and Women) and I’d like to begin the month talking about appearance at work, or, my hair.  See, I got a Mohawk … Continue reading

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Six (More) Women Who Inspire Me by

Just about everyone has heard of Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Melinda Gates. And names like Angela Merkel (the Chancellor of Germany), Mary Barra (CEO of General Motors), Indra Nooyi (CEO of PepsiCo) and Janet Yellen (Chair of … Continue reading

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Worth and Women: Is asking for higher pay the real issue? by

Research confirms that women earn less money than men. Despite equal opportunity legislation, assertiveness training, and increased transparency about pay scales to ensure equality, women consistently earn less per hour, per week, per month for the same work, than their male counterparts. Many … Continue reading

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Women at Work: An Interview with Cammie Dunaway by

With Mother’s Day, TEDWomen, TEDxBendWomen and more happening in the month of May, Moementum is taking time to focus on the theme of “Women at Work.” What better way to explore the opportunities, successes and challenges created by the ever present gender … Continue reading

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Working Mother: Friend or Foe? by

The innocuous term “working mother,” descriptive of me for 22 years, still leaves me feeling pushed up against the wall, it’s metaphoric hand on my throat. Inherent in the expression is the profound double bind that I, and many (white*) … Continue reading

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Families on Ice – A Step Forward or Backwards? by

I have been paralyzed about writing this blog. Facebook and Apple recently launched a new employee perk aimed at their young women professionals, providing them with $20,000 in order to freeze their eggs. Created in response to continued evidence that … Continue reading

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