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Jim Morris Transitions Out of Moementum in Pursuit of a More Inclusive World by

Moementum Principal Jim Morris has left Moementum’s day-to-day to accept a role as Chief Consulting Officer at our partner diversity firm, White Men as Full Diversity Partners (WMFDP). In the last few years much of Jim’s work has turned towards partnership … Continue reading

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7 Mantras That Engage Followers by

The first time I had the responsibility to actually lead people, I can’t remember saying a single thing that felt leaderly. All I was thinking was: “I hope I don’t blow this.” But when our team had it’s first real … Continue reading

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Brand and Culture: The Rudder and Sails by

When customers interact with a company they are experiencing it’s brand. Culture is what makes brand happen behind the scenes. Culture is the people—their attitudes, values, beliefs and actions at work—who deliver a brand. In great companies, brand doesn’t belong to … Continue reading

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Culture: More Than Fitting In by

*A short excerpt from Moe Carrick and Cammie Dunaway’s book, Fit Matters: How to Love Your Job, due out with Maven House Press in 2017 When people describe employee/employer pairings that fail, they often say, “S/he wasn’t a good fit.” … Continue reading

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The Back Story-10 Business Issues from 2015 That We Think Are True, Even Though We Can’t Prove It by

Last week we published a list of 10 Business Issues from 2015 that we think are true but can’t prove. Here is the backstory on these issues and why we picked them with links in case you’re interested in finding … Continue reading

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Boys Will Be Men: Competition, Rank and Status at Work by

“Competition is good for our culture,” the General Manager told me. Yet, I was looking at some culture data, corroborated through personal interviews, that indicated competition was good for some people in the company’s culture, but not most. People referred … Continue reading

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Create a Culture of “Speaking Up” by

“When was the last time someone was actually fired in this company for speaking up?” I have asked that question literally hundreds of times to audiences in my facilitated workshops, and used it to challenge the excuse people use to explain … Continue reading

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My Mistake by

I hate it when I make a familiar mistake. And yet, at the age of 53, I am keenly aware that most of my missteps and frailties are familiar ones by now. I have enough experience, wisdom and self-knowledge that … Continue reading

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At Amazon Accountability Falls Short Without Empathy by

I have been thinking deeply about the recent New York Times article about Amazon’s culture (and resultant blogging by many), wavering between unfounded judgments (how could someone lead this way?) and also holding empathy for Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO, … Continue reading

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Culture Blind Tech: Open Source and the Social Network by

The issue of gender bias and discrimination in Bay area Tech culture is quickly becoming a case study on culture blindness. In particular, two recent examples highlight the impact of the United States dominant male culture (in Silicon Valley, known … Continue reading

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