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Jim Morris Transitions Out of Moementum in Pursuit of a More Inclusive World by

Moementum Principal Jim Morris has left Moementum’s day-to-day to accept a role as Chief Consulting Officer at our partner diversity firm, White Men as Full Diversity Partners (WMFDP). In the last few years much of Jim’s work has turned towards partnership … Continue reading

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Steps to Getting a Promotion Without Having to Ask for It by

*This blog appeared as the featured tip in the The Muse on February 22nd  – See more at: www.themuse.com   Nobody likes having to actually ask for a promotion. Advocating for yourself is a lot harder than speaking up for others. … Continue reading

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Great strategic planning happens when everyone can ask “What’s my part?” by

If strategic planning isn’t relevant to everyone, it is useless. When clients ask us to facilitate strategic planning we most often work with the senior leadership team, or in the case of non-profits, the Board of Directors. Usually, staff at … Continue reading

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Two Questions for Self-Reflection by

Who Am I? Who Am I with You? These two questions are at the top of my “what-I-remember-about-graduate-school” lists. Professor Ed Tomey told us in 1989 in my Master’s program that these two questions were the backbone to our field, … Continue reading

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Why Truly Effective Leaders Love to Lead by

What strikes me consistently about those who lead beautifully, no matter their position, industry or company size, is that these people really love the actual practice of leading. Though there are about as many different definitions of great leadership as … Continue reading

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What’s Missing in Collegiate Leadership Development by

Joining the Moementum team has heightened my awareness of what tools exist for developing leaders at all levels, and has caused me to reflect deeply on my own leadership experiences. Acquiring various tips and tools through working with our clients … Continue reading

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From the Front Line to the Front Office: Two Shifts that Transform Leaders by

Corporate learning managers are frequently asked to justify spending money on leadership development activities by providing evidence that the activity (coaching, learning lab, peer group, training, etc.) is linked to their organization’s specific “leadership competencies.” Wanting justification makes total sense, … Continue reading

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How Do You See Me? 5 Steps to Changing Perceptions by

What happens when people are used to seeing us one way, and we try to change? I have been noticing this work lately with clients, while also continuing my personal leader journey to grow and learn. Often, clients who come … Continue reading

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Mountains and Other Metaphors for Leadership     by

I have been an adventurer my whole life. From my early years riding horses hell-bent for election through the woods near my home, to becoming a guide for Outward Bound and the National Outdoor Leadership School in my 20’s, to … Continue reading

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“Step-Up” Lessons by

This week we wrap up our fourth Step-Up to Leadership learning event of the year. Step-Up is an unusual offering for us; while most of our work is with senior teams and leaders, Step-Up I is for leaders on the … Continue reading

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