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What Matters to You in 2017? by

TED talks were top of mind for us in 2016. Moe did two of them about a month apart on two different but related topics. Though we don’t refer to her very often as a “workplace expert”, she is, and … Continue reading

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Set Your Intention, Risk Shaping the Future by

  If you work for a business or an organization, what are its big plans for 2016? If you work for yourself, have you set any big hopes or intentions for what you would like to see happen to your … Continue reading

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5 Strategic Planning Pitfalls and their Antidotes by

Thank you @SmartBrief for featuring this blog on December 21! Strategic planning work is some of the hardest work we do with groups. Over the years, we have discovered some consistent dilemmas groups experience in planning – and their antidotes. Read … Continue reading

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Fusing Planning with Doing – Building an Executable Strategic Plan by

Facilitating strategic planning sessions is one of our favorite things to do. With over 20 years or experience at what does and doesn’t work, it is a sweet spot for us. Strategic facilitation engagements give us a chance to practice a … Continue reading

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How Scientists and Engineers Help Save the World by

Although our work is not limited to a specific sector or niche, we pay particular attention to a few topics, sectors and disciplines whose only connection to one another is our curiosity. One of these is adventure travel, which we … Continue reading

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Stress and the Third Metric by

What eliminates more stress and drives higher productivity in a company: Working on creating an effective structure? Or Building a great culture? In other words, do you get more lift by having everyone understand and operate from core values, or … Continue reading

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Getting Unstuck by

The problem? The team has heavy lifting in front of them.  As senior leaders of a small non-profit, they are all impassioned about their organization’s mission, as well as committed to performing heroic acts in order to keep serving their … Continue reading

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Advance, Don’t Retreat by

Are you starting to think about a strategy, planning, or team “off-site” for your group in 2014? Good for you, but I beg of you—refrain from calling it a retreat. Consider calling it an advance. I prefer to think of … Continue reading

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Truly Resolute by

The media is not very interesting this time of year. We wonder how many of us actually sit around talking about our resolutions. Do we? Or do we do it because it was the topic of discussion on every major … Continue reading

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