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TED talks were top of mind for us in 2016. Moe did two of them about a month apart on two different but related topics. Though we don’t refer to her very often as a “workplace expert”, she is, and her talk for TEDx, Peachtree on making workplaces fit for humans is evidence. TEDxSanJuanIslands should be posted on-line soon.

Moe’s TEDx talks highlight our focus on what we have hash tagged as #peoplecentered companies and leaders; organizations and people who believe that people are central to what makes them unique, competitive and valuable. People make organizations great, and people-centered companies aren’t a coincidence; they are the result of focused effort. In a world full of human beings where work is a primary means to contribute to society, we think people-centered organizations are essential in improving the quality of life for humanity. That’s why we do what we do.

Here’s the list of the most popular TED talks of 2016. Collectively, they offer a unique view into what people are curious about. And speaking of #peoplecentered, notice that each of these talks examines, explains or challenges our thinking about the human experience in our increasingly complex world. We are heartened that there is so much curiosity about these topics and that many of the talks tackle important, even crucial issues affecting society. And…we also notice what’s missing.

We noticed that concern or discussion about our natural environment is noticeably absent not only from the top talks on TED, but also from the political discourse of 2016. Yet, the planet continues to warm and the incidence of extraordinary weather events are among the most visible symptoms that confirm the diagnosis. Society is the wholly owned subsidiary of the environment; yet we continue to make withdrawals from this capital account without checking the balance sheet.

We hope 2017 marks a renewed concern for – and attention to – the environment by U.S. consumers and corporations.

We also hope leaders everywhere choose vulnerability and authenticity as a strategy to build connection with followers versus the fear-based alternatives that seduce so many. Courage isn’t the absence of fear, its action and vulnerability in the face of fear, and risk.

We are energized by the possibility that 2017 will bring more people to deep reflection on how to thrive at work, particularly when it comes to bravely assessing and navigating the fit between themselves and their organization. Fit matters, and we invite you to consciously explore your work fit, considering what brings out your highest and best use at work, and going for it. And we invite employers to design their workplaces to be fit for human beings in all the ways that matter.

And last but not at all least, issues of equity and privilege continue to impact millions of people in America and globally, and while polarizing the discussion may bring attention to the issues, it also prompts defensiveness and blame versus understanding and reconciliation. We’re hopeful our consciousness and ability to take action on behalf of the common good continues on these fronts. Let’s partner across and within our differences, not in spite of them.

We’d love to hear from you in comments on this blog: What do you hope societies, companies, governments and people focus on in 2017? Making something happen begins with setting an intention, and when enough of us do that, the world changes.


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