Certificate of Leadership for Scientists and Engineers (CLSE)

Mind AND Heart Matter.

One of the most pressing issues facing technology, research and engineering companies today is the fact that their high-performing engineers and scientists need to round out their skill sets as they are promoted into leadership roles.


Make the leap from a leading technical expert to a high-impact leader.  


The Certificate of Leadership for Scientists and Engineers (CLSE) program synthesizes the latest academic research related to leadership development with the hands on training and skills that 21st century technical and scientific organizations need to succeed.

With CLSE, you'll learn how to develop the unique, value-driven, non-linear leadership skills necessary to lead people and oversee complex projects and processes. 


Session topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence 
  • Coaching others to success
  • Project leadership and conducting effective meetings
  • Building inclusive teams and leading toward a vision
  • Partnership across differences


Is CLSE right for me?

If you’re a mid- to senior-level career technologist, scientist, architect, or engineer who is motivated to learn how to effectively lead your team, then CLSE is for you. Great leadership goes beyond delegating tasks. You'll learn to engage, inspire and unify your team around a common vision, exponentially increasing your individual and team impact.


Available Formats

Keynote Session

In the era of multi-stakeholder projects led by engineers, effective relationships based on trust and shared accountability are becoming a required competency.  Great engineering alone apparently isn’t enough, at least not for managing engineers. In fact, 39% of projects over $10 million fail and over 70% of these failures can be reduced to a variety of human factors, most notably an absence of trust or pro-active, truthful communication. When managing engineers have strong people and interpersonal management skills, projects are more successful. With fewer engineers entering the workforce and project complexity increasing in a variety of ways, mentoring and coaching upcoming engineers in these and other leadership skills has never been more vital. 

This 90 minute experiential session will engage mid- to senior-level engineering managers in a study of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as a project team success factor (and the research to back it up) through dialogue, presentation  and reflection.

Day Module

This 8-hour session provides an overview of the traits and skills necessary to lead people effectively, taking a deeper dive into the research behind Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as a project team success factor and focusing on practical skills. This highly experiential session will engage participants beyond a typical workshop, utilizing interactive activities and focusing on practicing self-awareness and interpersonal communication tools right away. Pre-work and follow up materials included. 

Multi-Day Comprehensive Process

In this intensive program, you'll spend eight days taking a deep dive into onsite leadership development activities (two, four-day sessions spread over three months). In addition, you'll have the opportunity to work with a coach and complete interim assignments. You'll gain a solid understanding of the traits and skills necessary to lead people effectively. Upon successful completion of the intensive, you may earn 5.6 Continuing Education Units through Virginia Polytechnic Institute. 


The world needs more wholehearted leaders, especially in technical fields. Using a scientific process to solve people problems does not work. 


Moe Carrick, Principal & Founder, Moementum, Inc.




The world has big problems to solve.


Scientists and engineers are at the front edge of the solutions, and need the interpersonal training to lead their teams with confidence and effectiveness. 


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